Türk Telekom International completes Marmaris SEA-ME- WE 5 High-Speed Cable “Port”

• • Fiber-Optic infrastructure connects Turkey with 17 countries on 3 continents • •

Türk Telekom International (TTI) announced completion of the Turkey’s interconnection “port” at Marmaris in Mugla, Turkey, connecting its customers to the 20,000 kilometer SEA-ME- WE 5 fiber-optic cable infrastructure developed by a 17-nation consortium. TTI is Turkey’s exclusive partner in the SEA-ME- WE 5 subsea, high-capacity fiber-optic cable project that will deliver data across 3 continents at speeds of up to 24 terabytes per-second beginning in November, 2016.

The cables installed at Marmaris from the cable-laying ship, Teliri, on 7 th March 2016 will stretch from France via the Mediterranean to Turkey, the Middle East, Africa, India and to Singapore.

On achieving the milestone, Türk Telekom Corporate Business Unit Chief Executive Officer Mehmet Ali Akarca observed, “With the launch of the Marmaris cable landing station, we have connected Turkey to a fiber network that stretches for more than 20,000 kilometers between 17 countries, stretching from France and Singapore.”

“As the first and only Turkish company to participate in the SEA-ME- WE-5 consortium in 2015, Türk Telekom is committed to making infrastructure investments that put give Turkey global economic advantages it requires in the digital age,” added Akarca.
“In the future, we will have 75 times more mobile devices compared to the ones we use today. Data usage is expected to increase 1,000 times. By investing ahead of demand in the SEA-ME- WE 5 consortium, TTI gains capacity and redundancy at the highest data speeds possible for our customers,” Akarca noted.

Noting that Türk Telekom International was the only Turkish company in the consortium, Akarca said: “Türk Telekom International aims to make Turkey the region’s data center and continues to lead the sector with the investments and partnerships. The submarine cable system has a very strategic role in the intercontinental data transfer at a time when data traffic is increasing constantly.

“We are working continuously to realize Turkey’s digital revolution mission with such partnerships. Türk Telekom International continues to invest in technologies in line with the goal of making Turkey the regional communication center and contribute to Turkey’s economic development. We are determined to continue our investments to contribute to Turkey’s digital development and stable economic growth and to help make it more competitive in the global area,” Akarca also added.

Öztelcan: Project will offer significant opportunities for Turkey

Underlining the role of the Marmaris cable landing station in Turkey’s position as an intercontinental bridge in regional telecommunications, Türk Telekom International (TTI) CEO Cengiz Öztelcan said: “As the Türk Telekom Group Company (TTI) is responsible for international sales and the marketing of data and voice infrastructure, our goal is to make our country a data center in line with Türk Telekom’s vision. Our presence and responsibilities in the SEA-ME- WE-5 cable system, in which we became a participant in September 2015, is part of this goal.”

“When the project is completed, the system will allow other operators in the system to reach other countries via Turkey and to access a new route via Eastern Europe and Africa. It will also offer our country many economic opportunities,” Öztelcan added.


About Türk Telekom International
Türk Telekom International is 100% owned by Türk Telekom and acts as its international business unit handling all international data and wholesale voice business functions. Türk Telekom International provides single account management and unified network operations over the entire Türk Telekom International network which includes 20 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, Turkey, Middle East and the Caucasus, covering a full range of Internet/data services, infrastructure and wholesale voice services to incumbents, alternative carriers, mobile operators, cable TV companies, Internet service providers and corporate customers. Türk Telekom International offers premium quality telecommunication solutions in the form of: guaranteed SLA-s, local experts, dedicated staff, centralized end-to-end network management, trustworthy and reliable attitude, delivering on commitments, on-time delivery, tailor-made, scalable and cost-effective technical solutions and a proven management team with a full service portfolio. Covering over 40,000 km of fiber optic network and more than 150 interconnections worldwide Türk Telekom International is one of the most important players for the global telecommunications industry.

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