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The Future of Voice & Roaming

The Telecoms Industry is continuously evolving and change is inevitable, just as in any ICT industry. Turk Telekom International (TTI) has put innovation at the heart of its Voice and Roaming business since 2016. Together with great support from TTI Upper Level Management, internalizing innovation inside the company and bringing great partnerships externally has provided long-term success for the Company’s future.

In today’s market, there are many great challenges and threats to the Telecoms business particularly when it comes to Wholesale Voice and Roaming business. TTI sees these challenges as great opportunities.

Faster Mobile Internet Speed and disruptive innovations from OTTs are bringing the Voice and Roaming business to a very critical stage. We constantly work on how traditional voice & roaming business models could together evolve into the new era.

There is one sheer reality that Voice is not disappearing but rather transforming from traditional into new forms fueled by new Technologies. Based on these facts, TTI is investing in innovative virtualized wholesale services and making innovation a company tradition.

Similar to the decline of the Voice business, as it closely connected to it, the Roaming business has many challenges: Regulators imposing lower MTRs-Caps, Social Media / OTT substitution, dominance of lower value prepaid subscribers and increased competition especially coming from new MVNOs, and “roam like at home” tariffs. These are all examples of big challenges causing lower revenues for the Roaming business. While these factors are affecting roaming revenues and traffic, especially “data usage,” is on the incline day by day. Data usage fueled by a constant increase on global travel ratios and the need for access to mobile services during travel simply makes “Data” a stand-alone product of the future.

At TTI, we aim to melt down all these aspects in the same pot, offer our customers one single approach to Wholesale Voice and Roaming by supporting them with continuous innovation and providing them with coverage on cloud communications services.

Strategic Agreement by MVM NET Ltd and Türk Telekom International

Common Vision is Key to Successful Future

Budapest, 27.03.2018 – MVM NET Ltd providing telecommunication services of strategic importance and Türk Telekom International (TTI), a leading telecommunication company in Central and Eastern Europe concluded a strategic cooperation agreement. Through this, the two companies can fully benefit from their product and geographical synergies with regard to data and voice services. TTI, having a significant Hungarian backbone network, intends to use services provided by MVM NET in Hungary, while MVM NET plans to use TTI services outside Hungary, which highly promotes the business strategies of both companies.

One of the main pillars of MVM NET’s strategy and vision is its network infrastructure service provided at a high quality, along with its continuous development and extension. Network development programmes that have a priority as strategic Hungarian projects ensure the expansion of the company’s 6 200 km long optical backbone and its access network. MVM NET delivers services at very high availability and quality standards at its current and future service terminal points.

“The agreement supports all our wholesale and business sector goals, while the guarantees offered by TTI also allow us to safely undertake international compliance with the high quality standards already applied in Hungary,” Kornél Krénusz, the CEO of MVM NET said. “By our cooperation with TTI, we connect into the circulation of data communication with capacities that can be flexibly expanded at a high quality,” Kornél Krénusz added.

TTI has been present in the Hungarian telecommunications market for over 20 years via its legal predecessors. 4 000 kilometres of its international backbone network of over 40 000 km running through 19 countries are located in Hungary. This high availability network allows TTI to provide full telecommunication services to the local incumbent, cable TV, mobile phone, internet service provider and business partners. TTI’s main objective is to go beyond and surpass its customers’ expectations.

“By uniting TTI’s international experience and client base with MVM NET’s Hungarian expertise, both TTI and MVM NET will be able to serve their customers at a higher quality,” as Mehmet C. Toros, TTI Group Chairman of the Management Board pointed out. “At the moment, MVM NET covers overs   20 000 terminal points in Hungary, primarily in areas where TTI’s end users are located,” the Chairman of the Board added.

“This agreement offers a stable vision of the future for both companies. In today’s digital world, high service availability and safety are increasingly crucial. These key parameters are of great importance when serving customers at TTI and MVM NET alike, “ said András Ujhegyi, Deputy General Manager of Sales at MVM NET. “I am convinced that high quality and safety will result in new customers, new markets and in a successful future for all of us,” András Ujhegyi added.

“On the international telecommunication market, strategic co-operations are gaining importance, not only facilitating the mutual utilization of each other’s services, but also assisting in meeting complex business needs by a shared understanding of partners,” said Stuart Evers, Chief Commercial Officer at Türk Telekom International.

“Due to the geographical location of the company and the cooperation with TTI, new prospects have also opened up for MVM NET’s international wholesale activity as a regional transit operator,” said Gergely Cserép, Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer at MVM NET. “Not least, there is a new scope for serving multinational business customers who get access to the services of the Hungarian company through the TTI framework agreement,” Gergely Cserép added.

“MVM NET selected TTI since in our Hungarian headquarters, professional sales, technical, financial and procurement teams work actively to ensure that TTI’s strategic customers receive a service of the highest quality,” said Zsolt Linkai, Department Manager for Strategic Customers at TTI. “The strategic agreement concluded with MVM NET opens up new dimensions for both telecommunication companies, as it unites the positive, regionally unique qualities of the telecommunication networks,” Zsolt Linkai added.


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The 100% MVM Ltd owned, but independently operated telecommunications service provider started its operations in 2012. MVM NET manages the second longest optical backbone network in Hungary, providing telecommunication services of strategic importance to the government, state organisations and business partners on its advanced, high-capacity and extremely reliable network.

Türk Telekom International

Türk Telekom International is a leading telecommunication operator in the CEE region, Turkey, Caucasus, Middle-East and Asia, being present in the Hungarian and international market for 20 years. 4 000 kilometres of its optical network of over 40 000 km stretching from London to Singapore are in Hungary. Türk Telekom International delivers high quality telecommunication services in 19 countries in the CEE region, Turkey, Middle-East and Caucasus. In these regions, there are over 50 data centres with connection points.

Türk Telekom International was awarded a Bizz Award by WORLDCOB

Press Release
Türk Telekom International was awarded by the World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB) with one of the world’s most important and prestigious business awards: “THE BIZZ” for its distinguished business excellence. This recognition was granted on 15th November 2017 at the award gala ceremony held in Dubai.

WORLDCOB is a leading business organization that promotes the development and growth of more than 3,300 companies in over 120 countries and recognizes the boosts of outstanding companies as well as promoting the corporate social responsibility. The BIZZ, is an award that acknowledges business excellence.

With this triumph, Türk Telekom International becomes a member of WORLDCOB.



Türk Telekom International Triumphs at the 2017 Global Carrier Awards

Türk Telekom International (TTI) won the Best Eastern European/CIS Wholesale Carrier and the Best Customer Testimony award at the Global Carrier Awards 2017 held in London on 25th October 2017.


This is in recognition of Turk Telekom International being a major player with a commitment to excellence and also an innovator and a market leader in its region.

Turk Telekom International earned these awards by receiving a huge number of third-party endorsements receiving international recognition for its company’s customer service, quality of service and reliability.

Over the past 13 years, the Global Carrier Awards has become the biggest and most prestigious awards event in the carrier community. This year’s event was attended by 400 senior-level executives, celebrating the highs in the global wholesale industry.

With a record number of over 225 entries submitted for this year’s awards, all categories were judged by an independent panel of telecoms analysts, industry experts and the senior editorial team of Capacity Media.
Turk Telekom International being part of the SEA-ME-WE 5 Consortium proudly announces to be the winner of the BEST Subsea Innovation awards, as well.

SEA-ME-WE 5 has implemented the most advanced subsea technology which is currently in use.

Turk Telekom International triumphed and collected three major awards at this prestigious event.

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