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Türk Telekom International (TTI) Aspires to Turn Istanbul into a Data Hub

TTI CEO Mr. Şükrü Kutlu conducted a Q&A with Capacity Magazine on TTI’s efforts to turn Istanbul into a data hub.

How does TTI differ from its competitors in the market??
Its unique geographical positioning at the crossroads of Europe, the Middle East, and Asia data traffic is one of TTI’s main advantages in the market. TTI reinforces this critical advantage with its state-of-the-art network.
TTI has a terrestrial fiber optic network of approximately 45 thousand km and 114 PoPs across 22 countries. It has access to two submarine cable systems. TTI is a full member of the SEA-ME-WE-5 submarine fiber optic cable consortium connecting Europe to Asia, whereas it owns a private submarine fiber, the MedTurk, that connects Turkey, Middle East, and Europe.
Part of TTI’s vision is to continue expanding its infrastructure and provide alternative, high quality, high capacity and low-cost routes to its customers. As a result of this vision and despite all the challenges presented by the global pandemic, TTI successfully completed two major investment projects in 2020.
One of these major investment projects is the TTI New Backbone, connecting Sofia, Budapest, and Vienna through two different protected routes in Europe with endpoints in Edirne and
Frankfurt, each with a fiber network of over 3,000 km. The new backbone is fully operational as of end of 2020 and provides high speed and quality service to our customers at more affordable prices.
The second project is the integration of KAFOS subsea cable to TTI network. KAFOS is a subsea telecommunications cable system that spans through the Black Sea connecting Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey reaching 504 km in length. The cable system is fully operational as of January 2021 and allows TTI to provide up to 8 Tbit/s capacity between Istanbul and Bucharest. KAFOS subsea cable will have a significant role in providing seamless connectivity between Turkey and Europe.
TTI will continue to expand and update its network in the future as its network in addition to its unique geographical positioning is what makes TTI stand out among its competitors.

How do you see the future of connectivity business? Is TTI equipped to face the future?
Internet ecosystem has undergone a tremendous change with the entrance of content providers as key players. This new challenge forces TTI to go beyond the core business of international capacity transport and add value to its infrastructure with new services that can meet the needs of the current Internet landscape.
TTI’s versatile IP product portfolio is designed to this end. TTI offers IP products to international service and content providers, to enable them to reach Istanbul using TTI’s infrastructure and to host their servers in TTI’s Istanbul Data Center. Alternatively, customers and content providers can take over these IP services in major European Internet Exchange Points (IXP) and datacenters or in datacenters in Turkey, as close as possible to the desired IP eyeballs. TTI provides access to Türk Telekom’s extensive IP network to fulfill coverage needs of content providers, which accounts for more than 66% of the Internet market in the country.
Major global cloud and content providers have already commenced operations in Istanbul via TTI’s IP products and robust network capabilities such as 4 diverse fiber routes from Western Europe into the main datacenters in Istanbul.
TTI extended its IP product portfolio to various border crossings of Turkey, by providing IP Transit services on the same quality level as Türk Telekom’s national network. Finally, TTI’s partnerships with DE-CIX and Equinix allow it to provide dedicated private connections to cloud providers.
To sum up, TTI will pursue its main vision of providing international capacity and will strive to expand its infrastructure to serve as a bridge carrying international traffic between the East and the West and bringing content closer to users. In addition, we will seek to find new ways and services to add value on our infrastructure as similar to the achievements of IP, IP transit and cloud services. I believe this is how we make TTI a company equipped to face the future and turn Istanbul into a data hub.

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Ömer Demir has been appointed as the Chief Commercial Officer of Türk Telekom International as of July 1st, 2021.

The Data Sales East, Data Sales West, Voice and Roaming, Pricing and Service Procurement, and Market and Commercial Development Directors will be reporting to the Chief Commercial Officer, Ömer Demir.

Ömer Demir attended Washington State University and University of Texas in Arlington. He attained Bachelors of Science degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Physics and Business Development.

After graduating, Ömer Demir started his professional career at Texas Instruments as Quality Assurance Engineer in the Dallas, TX central reliability lab, later joıned Avmat as the Purchasing and Contracts Manager in the Miami office. In 2012, he continued his career as the Sales and Marketing Director for the Middle East, CIS countries and Africa at Aereos HQ in Texas. Prior to joining TTI, Ömer Demir worked as the Sales and Business Development Director at MTU Maintenance GmbH between 2018-2021.

Türk Telekom International and PCCW Global collaborate to boost SD-WAN services direct to enterprise customers

HKT (SEHK:6823) – Hong Kong, March 4, 2020 – Türk Telekom International (TTI), the international arm of Türk Telekom Group handling all international data, wholesale voice and roaming business functions, and PCCW Global, the international operating division of HKT, Hong Kong’s premier telecommunications service provider, have signed a long-term master service agreement for TTI to provision Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) services in collaboration with PCCW Global for their enterprise customers, reducing unnecessary traffic over MPLS networks and enabling the secure, efficient use of online cloud services while providing more capacity for mission-critical applications.

Traditionally, an enterprise would connect its regional offices over an MPLS network infrastructure, bypassing the public Internet and only providing online applications from a centralized and typically company-managed server. However, the growth and demand for innovative online cloud services from a range of international service providers requires more advanced, flexible and intelligent networking options provided by SD-WAN services.

Under the collaboration, the SD-WAN service will leverage broadband Internet connectivity, dual-edge devices, distributed gateways and multiple connectivity options. An end-to-end management portal will provide complete control with zero-touch provisioning, safe in the confidence that mission-critical applications will be equipped with the security and bandwidth that is required.

By providing SD-WAN services to its enterprise customers, TTI continues to expand its product lines, taking advantage of the diversification trend and growing the company’s service portfolio to provide a unique, market-leading service which is continually being optimized for performance, while leveraging cost-effective broadband connectivity over both the Internet and 4G LTE.

Mr. Sameh Sobhy, Vice President, Middle East, Turkey & Africa, PCCW Global, says: “This collaboration will allow TTI to extend the reach and deployment of its services on a worldwide basis by making use of PCCW Global’s SD-WAN capabilities, while at the same time, PCCW Global can now extend the reach of its service portfolios to a greater geographic area across Turkey, Eastern and Central Europe where TTI has presence.

Mr. Sükrü Kutlu, Group CEO of Türk Telekom International, said, “In our complex business environment, Türk Telekom International continually assesses the compatibility of its strategy for each product and service, so by adding the SD-WAN service in collaboration with PCCW Global to TTI’s current product range, enterprise customers will experience cost effective, secure, policy-driven transport and improved performance.”


About PCCW Global

PCCW Global is the international operating division of HKT, Hong Kong’s premier telecommunications service provider, which is majority-owned by PCCW Limited. Covering more than 3,000 cities and 160 countries, the PCCW Global network supports a portfolio of integrated global communications services including connectivity, applications, and tailored solutions facilitated by its on-demand digital software defined interconnection system.

PCCW Global is headquartered in Hong Kong, and maintains regional centers in Belgium, China, France, Greece, Japan, Korea, Singapore, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. To learn more about PCCW Global, please visit


About HKT

HKT (SEHK: 6823) is Hong Kong’s premier telecommunications service provider and leading operator in fixed-line, broadband and mobile communication services. It meets the needs of the Hong Kong public and local and international businesses with a wide range of services including local telephony, local data and broadband, international telecommunications, mobile, enterprise solutions, and other telecommunications businesses such as customer premises equipment sales, outsourcing, consulting, and contact centers.

HKT offers a unique quadruple-play experience in Hong Kong delivering media content on its fixed-line, broadband Internet access and mobile platforms jointly with its parent company, PCCW Limited.

HKT also provides a range of innovative and smart living services beyond connectivity to make the daily lives of customers smarter, whether they are at home, in the workplace, or on the go. Consumers and merchants alike may also enjoy HKT’s financial-related services such as mobile payment, smart mobile point-of-sale solutions, and insurance.

For enterprises, HKT delivers end-to-end integrated solutions employing emerging technologies such as cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to accelerate their digital transformation, contributing to Hong Kong’s development into a smart city.

The Club is HKT’s loyalty program and one of the largest of its kind in Hong Kong, not only offering a variety of privileges and benefits to enrich the lifestyle of members, but also increasingly amalgamating merchants and becoming an integral part of a new digital ecosystem connecting consumers and merchants.

For more information, please visit


About Türk Telekom International

Türk Telekom International is 100% owned by Türk Telekom and acts as its international business unit handling all international data and wholesale voice business functions through its subsidiaries in 17 countries.  Türk Telekom International provides single account management and unified network operations over the entire Türk Telekom International network which includes a wide range of countries in Central and Eastern Europe, Turkey, Middle East and the Caucasus, covering a full range of Internet/data services, infrastructure and wholesale voice services to incumbents, alternative carriers, mobile operators, cable TV companies, Internet service providers and corporate customers. Türk Telekom International offers premium quality telecommunication solutions in the form of: guaranteed SLA-s, local experts, dedicated staff, centralized end-to-end network management, trustworthy and reliable attitude, delivering on commitments, on-time delivery, tailor-made, scalable and cost-effective technical solutions and a proven management team with a full-service portfolio. Covering over 45,000 km of fiber optic network and more than 250 interconnections worldwide TTI is one of the most important players for the global telecommunications industry.


About Türk Telekom Group

Türk Telekom, with 179 years of history, is the first integrated telecommunications operator in Turkey. In 2015, Türk Telekomünikasyon A.Ş. adopted a “customer-oriented” and integrated structure in order to respond to the rapidly changing communication and technology needs of customers in the most powerful and accurate way, while maintaining the legal entities of TT Mobil İletişim Hizmetleri A.Ş. and TTNET A.Ş. intact and adhering to the rules and regulations to which they are subject. Having a wide service network and product range in the fields of individual and corporate services, Türk Telekom unified its mobile, internet, phone and TV products and services under the single “Türk Telekom” brand as of January 2016. “Turkey’s Multiplay Provider” Türk Telekom has 14.6 million fixed access lines, 11.4 million broadband, 3.5 million TV and 22.9 million mobile subscribers as of December 31, 2019. Türk Telekom Group Companies provide services in all 81 cities of Turkey with 32,180 employees with the vision of introducing new technologies to Turkey and accelerating Turkey’s transformation into an information society. Türk Telekomünikasyon A.Ş., providing PSTN and wholesale broadband services, directly owns 100% of mobile operator TT Mobil İletişim Hizmetleri A.Ş., retail internet services, IPTV, satellite TV, Web TV, Mobile TV, Smart TV services provider TTNET A.Ş., convergence technologies company Argela Yazılım ve Bilişim Teknolojileri A.Ş., IT solution provider Innova Bilişim Çözümleri A.Ş., online education software company Sebit Eğitim ve Bilgi Teknolojileri A.Ş., call center company AssisTT Rehberlik ve Müşteri Hizmetleri A.Ş., project development and corporate venture capital company TT Ventures Proje Geliştirme A.Ş, Electric Supply and Sales Company TTES Elektrik Tedarik Satış A.Ş., wholesale data and capacity service provider Türk Telekom International, provider of combined facilities support activities TT Destek Hizmetleri A.Ş. and indirectly owns 100% of subsidiaries of Türk Telekom International, TV Broadcasting and VOD services provider Net Ekran Companies, telecommunications devices sales company TT Satış ve Dağıtım Hizmetleri A.Ş and payment services company TT Ödeme ve Elektronik Para Hizmetleri A.Ş. and counselling services company 11818 Rehberlik ve Müşteri Hizmetleri A.Ş.

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For more information, please contact:

Ivan Ho

PCCW Group

Tel: +852 2883 8747


Hande Bayrak

CEO Office Coordinator

Türk Telekom International

Tel: +90 216 514 1915




Türk Telekom International Triumphs at the Global Carrier Awards

Türk Telekom International (TTI) won the Best Wholesale Sales Team Award in London, on 30th October 2019.
This is in recognition of Türk Telekom International being a major player with a commitment to excellence and an innovator and a market leader in its region. Türk Telekom International earned this award by receiving a huge number of third-party endorsements receiving international recognition for its company’s customer service, quality of service and reliability.

“We are very proud of our wholesale sales team’s remarkable achievement and will continue to exceed our customers’ and shareholders’ expectation by introducing innovative telecommunication solutions, providing superior customer service, further increase our brand awareness and enlarge our footprint in the region” – stated Sükrü Kutlu, CEO of Türk Telekom International.
“Despite a number of company changes, this diverse sales team has continued to be an efficient and productive one, sealing the most profitable contract in the company’s history in 2019” – commented the Capacity Media Editor-in-Chief and head judge for the GCAs Jason McGee-Abe.
The award event took place in London, bringing together over 420 members of the wider wholesale community, celebrating the industry’s biggest achievements over the last 12 months. Hosted by Capacity Media CEO Rosalind Irving and Capacity Media Editor-in-Chief and head judge for the GCAs Jason McGee-Abe, at the indigo at The O2, the black-tie gala dinner was truly a night of celebration and distinction.

Over the past 15 years, the Global Carrier Awards has become the biggest and most prestigious awards event in the wholesale telecoms calendar.

Türk Telekom International triumphed by collecting this major award at this respected and esteemed event.


Sükrü Kutlu, CEO Türk Telekom International


TTI team being present at the Capacity Europe Event 2019

SEA-ME-WE 5 at Submarine Networks World 2019

Event: 16-18 September 2019: Submarine Networks World 2019

The SEA-ME-WE 5 Consortium was a silver sponsor at Submarine Networks World 2019 (16-18 September). This event is held every year in Singapore and is the world’s largest annual gathering of subsea communications leaders. The SEA-ME-WE 5 Consortium was the juice bar and the seat-cover sponsor as well during the event.

The consortium had a very intensive speaker present at the conference as Pal Beres SEA-ME-WE 5 MC Member, Market and Commercial Development Director, Turk Telekom International on behalf of the SEA-ME-WE 5 Consortium participated at the poster session and gave a presentation about the latest up-dates of the SEA-ME-WE 5 project. Mahesh Jaishankar SEA-ME-WE 5 MC Member, Vice President International Connectivity & Infrastructure, du represented the consortium as a panelist in the panel discussing “Moving towards DC-centric, global network topology – Where are the new data hubs of connectivity? – How will data centers continue to build on the subsea cable boom through partnerships, acquisitions & data center designs? – Innovations in PoP-to-PoP design”. Luigi Sangiorgio SMW5 PG Co-Chairman, Network Operations Director, Sparkle took a Moderator role at the Project Developer Round Table.

With global submarine cable capacity forecast to grow by 143% by 2022, the role of the undersea network has clearly evolved into mission critical infrastructure, supporting today’s fast-paced global economy. Firmly established as the world’s largest annual gathering of the global subsea communications community, Submarine Networks world offered a dedicated platform to exchange knowledge, explore the latest projects and develop strategies and lucrative new partnerships to drive the industry forward.

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