Information Security Policy


Our Relations with business partners, clients, service providers and regulatory and public institutions that we are in cooperation with is very valuable. For this reason we give particular attention to the security of information we own.

In order to provide this;

  • We undertake to consistently enhance the efficiency of “Information Security Management System” that we have built.
  • We shall meet our clients’ expectations by providing high quality and flexible telecommunication services in Europe, Turkey, Middle East and other regions.
  • We shall meet our clients’ needs and expectations by providing high quality network infrastructure and innovative services with the best value.
  • We shall protect our Company’s and shareholders’ reputation from negative effects of potential information security vulnerabilities.
  • We shall take the precautions to ensure the confidentiality, accessibility and entireness of our information assets.
  • We shall meet the need and expectations of information security liabilities of internal and external parties and need and expectations of information security arising out of legal and regulative necessities and agreements .
  • We have integrated information security processes with business processes with determining security needs, threats and gaps of information assets. By doing this, we have composed a risk management framework which offers to evaluate the frequency of threats and gaps and their confidentiality, accessibility and entireness effects on processes and assets.
  • We shall apply the risk management procedure pursuant to framework of risk management that we have specified and we reduce information security risk and provide work / service continuity.
  • We have the adequate competence to efficiently and swiftly intervene and reduce the effects of potential information security breaches.
  • We shall aim to improve awareness on information security of our employees and business partners.
  • We shall specify targets and controls, monitor and evaluate, in order to consistently enhance the Information Security Management System.

Turk Telekom International shall review this policy every year and re-evaluate depending on legal, technological, political and environmental changes and make necessary revisions.
In addition, this policy shall be reviewed and evaluated following potential major changes in; legal and regulative regulations, terms of the agreement and organizational structure.

Chief Technology Officer


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