Network Features

Our company manages a very unique network covering over 40.000 km fiber network. Besides its countrywide MPLS network in Hungary, Türk Telekom International operates an SDH, a DWDM and an MPLS network in Central and Eastern Europe and is present in main Telehouses all over the CEE region.

The network architecture is composed of four individual parts

  1. Access network
  2. Core network
    • a. Terrestrial Transmission core
    • b. Wet Transmission core
  3. Packet-switched core network
  4. Voice core network

Applied technologies in the above mentioned four areas

  1. Fiber optic and microwave access technologies, access lines leased and DSL of our own and of partner providers
  2. SDH and DWDM
  3. Ethernet and IP
  4. Traditional voice switches and soft switches

Embedded protection modes to improve the availability and the performance of the network

On SDH/DWDM level

As for the high-speed transmission core TTI provides the following protections for the 10G and 100G core devices:

  • PPS (Path Protection Switching – switching over at RX side to the other aggregate direction)
  • EPS (Equipment Protection Switching – card redundancy),
  • APS (Automatic Protection Switching, N+1).
  • SNCP(Subnetwork Connection Protection)
  • ASON( Automatic Switched Optical Network)
  • OS (Optical Switch)

These systems provide high level protection both against troubles arising from cable cuts and those arising from equipment failure.

On MPLS level

Backup feature means additional access line to primary link to enhance resiliency.  Secondary link is independent from primary. Levels of redundancy are:

  • Backup – dual access line
  • Backup – dual service

Access speed of primary and secondary links may be different. Primary and secondary links are not to share the same technology, telecommunication media, and terrestrial route. Typical secondary links: ISDN BRI, ADSL, satellite, leased line.

Unique Network Features

  • More than 114 major POPs in Europe, ME and Asia
  • Over 45,000 km of fiber optic network in CEE, Turkey and multiple connections to the Middle East
  • Over 350,000 km of fiber optic network as Türk Telekom Group
  • Fast and optimal solution delivery for last
    mile connectivity
  • End-to-end managed, fully redundant DWDM network throughout the region
  • Ability to connect difficult-to-reach destinations

Duct Sharing Prices inside Turkey

Unit price (meter/month) : 0.802 TL

One-Time Application Fee (per each application): 350 TL
One-Time Expedition Fee (per meter): 0.321 TL

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