Türk Telekom International’s AMEER(S) service is capable with its new path connecting Western-Europe to the Middle-East on redundant routes – avoiding current crisis zones, following the shortest geographic routes.

The ‘Best Middle East Project’ was awarded to Türk Telekom International (TTI) at Capacity Europe in Amsterdam in 2014 for this project.


As a continuation of the AMEER project Türk Telekom International has introduced an extension to Singapore. The brand new and exceptional extended route is called AMEERS now. The “S” at the end represents Singapore.


  • Endpoints are TTI’s major Western-European PoPs and Singapore (Equinix) via TTI’s Datamena PoP in Dubai
  • Premium services: Semi protected annual lease and IRU based SDH and Ethernet services
  • Delivering an end-to-end solution via one-stop shopping
  • The shortest route – measured RTD: Frankfurt–Dubai: 101 ms (average is 110 ms on alternative routes)
  • Guaranteed monthly availability: 99,5%

Route Map


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