Cloud Connect Service

Turk Telekom International’s Cloud Connect service provides a dedicated connection between enterprise site location(s), and Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) via Türk Telekom International network. The connection is delivered via Türk Telekom International’s state of the art IP/MPLS network between the end customer and Cloud Service Providers.

Cloud Connect Features

  • One stop shop solution – providing access links at customer premises with CSP connectivity.
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Connect business-critical applications to international Cloud Service Providers.
  • Avoid bandwidth bottlenecks and latency issues
  • Avoid vendor lock-in with hybrid multi-cloud connectivity
  • Clear and firmly defined SLAs
  • Wide range of Edge Devices with support up to 10G throughput.
  • Centralised Management Portal.
  • Comprehensive end-to-end SLA & 24/7 support
  • Experienced technical experts.

Cloud Connect Advantages

    • Greater Security and Reliability
      Avoiding the public internet by utilizing direct cloud access also safeguards the user from connectivity hiccups, ensuring steadier and more reliable service.
    • Lower Latency
      TTI Cloud Connect, through its ecosystem of Cloud Exchanges can provide massive reductions in latency by securing a much closer connection between the user’s network and their chosen cloud service.
    • Increasing Availability
      TTI Cloud Connect Service can help customers reach wherever cloud vendors of deployed edge nodes, bringing users closer to their cloud providers.

Cloud Connect Coverage

Cloud Connect can give you direct access to all cloud service providers, more than 150+ globally.

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