Türk Telekom International’s Ethernet service targets the communications needs of transparent Ethernet transmission with constant access rate and extremely low jitter. Türk Telekom International’s Ethernet Private Line service provides point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connectivity with dedicated capacity on a transmission path between customer locations.

Ethernet bandwidth on 100BaseTx, 100BaseLX, 1000BaseT,1000BaseLX/ZX and 10GBase-ER/LR interfaces (2-1000 Mbps and nx1Gbps presented on 10Gbps interface) are all supported with a range of service options. The Ethernet traffic is transported through the MPLS, native Ethernet network.


Ethernet solutions are created by use of Access Ports and Ethernet Virtual Connections (EVC’s) in a
flexible way. All connections with Ethernet interface can transmit Q-tag in accordance with IEEE 802.1Q
and are transparent for frames of up to 9000 bytes at our POPs.

Point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and multipoint-to-multipoint topology with Service Multiplexed
UNIs is supported. Each EVC is provisioned with committed bandwidth rate; peak information rate can
be extended up to local tail maximum capacity.

The Service may include local access tails, provided either by selected local tail providers or over TTI’s
Metropolitan Area networks, where applicable.

The Ethernet service is point-to-point and fully transparent.

Service handover options

  • Each circuit is handed over via standalone physical interfaces at both endpoints.
  • Optionally E-NNI interconnection is available with Cisco QinQ.

One-by-one service handover presents all Ethernet private lines on separate interfaces. Aggregated hand-over is also available.

On customer interfaces both tagged and untagged frames are accepted and transmitted unchanged up to the MTU relevant to the circuit.
The transparent Ethernet service is presented on networking devices that are not aware of L2CPs from customer sites.  Transmission is free from reordering.

Following protocols can be transmitted transparently: CDP, LLDP, VTP, STP, UDLD, LACP, PAGP

Point-to-Point Service Options (port-based handover):

Gigabit Ethernet interface is available for access speed above 100Mbps only. Ports are set to auto-negotiation by default. Türk Telekom International’s Ethernet service is presented preferably via same interfaces on endpoints.

Point-to-Multipoint Service Options (E-NNI based handover):

Gigabit Ethernet interface on customer premises is available for access speed above 100Mbps only. Ports are set to auto-negotiation by default.
Aggregate interface (E-NNI) is planned as Gigabit Ethernet:

  • 1000BaseLX (proposed)
  • conforming IEEE 802.1ad (Ethertype is 0x9100)
  • 0x88A8 QinQ

Multipoint-to-Multipoint Service Options (E-NNI based handover):

Supported services: EP-LAN, EVP-LAN. S-VLAN tag is used to identify a specific VPLS over the ENNI. S-tag can be assigned by Türk Telekom International or Partner.

  • Interfaces: 1000Base T/LX/SX


  • Point to point, point to multi-point, or multipoint to multipoint
  • State of the art Ethernet network throughout the Türk Telekom International regions
  • Low-cost equipment and management system
  • Maximum security
  • Service can be protected or unprotected
  • No contention in the network
  • Delivered within robust SLA
  • Range of End User Access Lines technologies – fiber, microwave and copper.
  • Full proactive 24×7 support
  • Unmanaged CPE service
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