Multi-Protocol Label Switching

Türk Telekom International offers unified, easy-to-use, resilient IP/MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) based VPN service globally. IP VPN service enables seamless data communication among any customer sites that are connected to Türk Telekom International’s MPLS network via dedicated access lines. All sites are equipped with CPE (routers). Customer VPN and all relevant networking elements are constantly monitored and managed from a central NOC (Network Operation Centre) to ensure reliable high quality operation.

The service includes the following:

  • Mix of and prioritizing between traffic types such as Voice over IP (VoIP), Video, and Business critical applications.
  • Multiple accesses to a VPN are configured in a fully meshed network topology.
  • Secure and predictable performance.
  • Reliability and scalability.
  • Bandwidth options ranging from 256kbps to 1 Gbps, with a variety of access methods.


Türk Telekom International IP VPN Service is a managed or unmanaged VPN offering. The services enable customers to offer VPN B-ends by utilizing the IP MPLS network infrastructure provided by Turk Telekom International.

Two service options are available:

Managed CPE

Türk Telekom International IP VPN Service is delivered with a managed CPE (default) with IP connectivity to a VPN. Ordering, provisioning and hardware maintenance is included. To be able to perform hardware maintenance Türk Telekom International needs to have SNMP-read access to the CPE. Türk Telekom International will install the CPE at the end user premises. The CPE will be placed after the NTU user interface. The customer (or end user) is responsible for any additional local cabling. The customer (or the end user) is responsible to feed the CPE with AC power and ensure the required environment for the equipment. Türk Telekom International will boot the CPE with a simple start-up configuration. The customer (or end user) is responsible to add the final configuration. (Note: Türk Telekom International’s SNMP-read must not be removed.)

Unmanaged CPE

Option A (Wires only) – the CPE is delivered to the End User Site by the Customer. The management and hardware maintenance of the router are the responsibility of the Customer. The demarcation of the Türk Telekom International IP VPN Service is the customer interface of the NTU.

Option B (Hardware maintenance) – the CPE is delivered and installed on the End user site with a first basic configuration by the Türk Telekom International Affiliates or sub provider. The CPE type is selected by the Türk Telekom International Affiliates from the list of the supported CPEs. The demarcation of the Türk Telekom International IP VPN service is the customer interface of the NTU. The hardware maintenance is the responsibility of Türk Telekom International Affiliates, so this means in case of CPE failure, the Türk Telekom International Affiliate will refresh password and then the Customer is responsible for back-up and refreshing the configuration. (Note: Türk Telekom International delivers and supports only Cisco CPE.)

Local Access Service

An access is delivered to the service demarcation point. The access is connected to an Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) or to the delivered equipment (CPE), if ordered. Different types of access methods and technologies are available. Bandwidth and functionality vary depending on the type of access. The accesses are available on bandwidths between 256kbps to 1Gbps depending on local country infrastructure variances.

Local tail may be established via the following:

  • Fiber optic
  • Copper
  • Microwave on licensed frequency bands

Local tail may be provided as redundant or non-redundant solution depending on the Customer’s requirements and technical feasibilities of the requested site.


  • Enhanced service availability with a secondary access (back-up or diverse).
  • Multiple VPN.
  • Additional LAN ports.


  • Service enabling any-to-any (full mesh) data communication
  • State of the art MPLS network throughout the Türk Telekom International regions
  • Low-cost equipment and management system
  • Supports prioritization of customer application traffic with Four classes of service
  • Easy network extension
  • Service can be protected or unprotected
  • Tailored solution for individual business needs
  • Wide range of last mile technologies for own back-up solution.
  • Guaranteed Service Level Agreement
  • 24×7 Network Operations Center
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