Remote IX Access

Remote IX Access

Türk Telekom International’s Remote IX Access Service is the “one-stop-shop” solution for peering at the biggest Global Internet Exchange Points (IXs). The service enables customers to become remotely connected to the IXPs without having their own or leased infrastructure and hardware.

Remote IX Access service offers the easiest access to IXs and a convenient entry to peering with other networks which are connected to the IXs. All customer relationship including sales, contracting, billing, and first line customer care is provided by Türk Telekom International.

Main Features

Connection to Physical Ports of IXs

Engineered to provide diversity at the physical level, combined with the meshed MPLS network overlay and strict design guidelines possible to provide fully diversified and/or protected end-to-end capacity connectivity

IX Access via Virtual Links:

Customers are connected to Türk Telekom International MPLS core network where the traffic is identified by VLAN tags and delivered to the IX peering platform. Bandwidth options of Virtual Links are 100M, 250M, 500M, 750M, 1000M, 2500M, and 5000M.

Türk Telekom International Remote IX Access Service provides:

  • Secure and private connection
  • Transparent transport
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Easy service implementation
  • Fully managed end-to-end 24x7x365 service


Main Advantages

  • OSS solution: only one party, Türk Telekom International, rather than several parties (carrier, colocation, equipment vendor, Internet Exchange)
  • Cost effective solution to reach the Internet Exchanges with low initial traffic level
  • Easy and convenient entry for peering relationships
  • No formal relationship required with colocation facilities
  • Highly secure, transparent end-to-end connection
  • Guaranteed service level agreements
  • Wide geographic coverage with terrestrial and submarine cables (SMW-3, MedTurk, AMEER)
  • Responsive and experienced customer service
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