SD-WAN Service

Turk Telekom International’s fully managed SD-WAN solution offers dynamic load sharing – aggregating broadband internet connectivity, MPLS and other connectivity types for higher utilization of capacities. Dual edge devices, distributed gateways and multiple connectivity options mean reduced downtime, with zero-touch provisioning.

Our end-to-end management portal provides monitoring and access to performance reports, safe in the confidence that mission-critical applications have the security and bandwidth they need.

SD-WAN Features

  • High availability Globally hosted Orchestrator, Controller & Gateways.
  • Zero-touch service deployment.
  • Built-in Encryption & Stateful Firewall.
  • Support for gradual migration and bring your own connectivity.
  • Wide range of Edge Devices with support up to 10G throughput.
  • Centralized Management Portal: With access for customer monitoring and reports.
  • Comprehensive end-to-end SLA & 24/7 support
  • Experienced technical experts.

SD-WAN Advantages

  • Optimised global network
    Connection agnostic solution guarantees application performance between premium and public internet links.
  • Quick to deploy
    Quickly and easily add new sites to your WAN using existing network or internet connections.
  • Full network visibility and control
    A centralized self-service portal gives you visibility and control of all applications, reporting and trouble-shooting capabilities.

SD-WAN Coverage

  • High Performing Global Network
    SD-WAN is available in 140+ countries and is deployed over own and partner Tier 1 IP-MPLS networks.
  • Fully Managed Solution
    Peace-of-mind with a single point of contact, all components included (Hardware, Software and Connectivity Management) and supported.
  • Network Agnostic
    Leverage all available connections including third party connectivity. Migrate to our network at your own pace or ‘bring your own’ connectivity.

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