The Future of Voice & Roaming

The Telecoms Industry is continuously evolving and change is inevitable, just as in any ICT industry. Turk Telekom International (TTI) has put innovation at the heart of its Voice and Roaming business since 2016. Together with great support from TTI Upper Level Management, internalizing innovation inside the company and bringing great partnerships externally has provided long-term success for the Company’s future.

In today’s market, there are many great challenges and threats to the Telecoms business particularly when it comes to Wholesale Voice and Roaming business. TTI sees these challenges as great opportunities.

Faster Mobile Internet Speed and disruptive innovations from OTTs are bringing the Voice and Roaming business to a very critical stage. We constantly work on how traditional voice & roaming business models could together evolve into the new era.

There is one sheer reality that Voice is not disappearing but rather transforming from traditional into new forms fueled by new Technologies. Based on these facts, TTI is investing in innovative virtualized wholesale services and making innovation a company tradition.

Similar to the decline of the Voice business, as it closely connected to it, the Roaming business has many challenges: Regulators imposing lower MTRs-Caps, Social Media / OTT substitution, dominance of lower value prepaid subscribers and increased competition especially coming from new MVNOs, and “roam like at home” tariffs. These are all examples of big challenges causing lower revenues for the Roaming business. While these factors are affecting roaming revenues and traffic, especially “data usage,” is on the incline day by day. Data usage fueled by a constant increase on global travel ratios and the need for access to mobile services during travel simply makes “Data” a stand-alone product of the future.

At TTI, we aim to melt down all these aspects in the same pot, offer our customers one single approach to Wholesale Voice and Roaming by supporting them with continuous innovation and providing them with coverage on cloud communications services.


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